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If you are reading this maybe you are wondering what happened to your relationship with Him along the way. Or maybe you don’t know the God of the universe and wonder if He is there for you too.

Even as a Christian for a long time, I really never had a RELATIONSHIP with the Father. I knew I’d get to heaven because I accepted His gift of salvation in 1977.

But without knowing who we are as a Christian, when the struggles of life become unmanageable we find ourselves living in continual turmoil and fear.

No matter where we are, how far we’ve walked away, He sees us as His beautiful child coming home. He is right here and crazy about us.

Jesus is real, He is my Savior, friend and He has crowned me with His glory and honor. In Him everything that is His is mine. He has equipped me with everything I need in life, a supernatural life.

No longer an orphan but the daughter of the King.


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