From orphan to daughter of the King

This is my story about restoration and the Father’s pursuit to connect with me in fellowship and relationship. 

About a year ago my life became unmanageable. I realized I had grown lukewarm, and wondered  why as a Christian  we don’t have a relationship God? If I had a calling or purpose I didn’t know it.  I was saved but I wasn’t living as one along with my husband.  Yes, I was filled with the Holy Spirit, but no fruit on my tree.  I watched my daughter try to deal with serious health issues and my husband and I suffered a huge financial blow.  I had burned out and had no peace, only fear. Distractions only led me into a worse nightmare.

I sought a counselor and God’s hand was on this from the start.  She became my spiritual mother, sister and mentor and I will forever thank Him for her.  In that little conference room, every week there began what I can only call a supernatural Holy Spirit breathed restoration back to who He says I am~His Daughter crowned with glory and honor~

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