The lie….I believed

For years, maybe our entire lifetime we have a whisperer telling us “you are different, not adequate and not good enough” These lies were the basis for how we saw ourselves. Here’s the real story…

The God who created the universe could have MADE us worship and serve Him but instead He gave us a free will to seek Him. Since then He has passionately pursued us to just be in relationship with Him. The first humans chose to believe the first lie and changed their relationship with their Father. But wait, He already had the plan to redeem us back.

He could have atoned us by His Son’s brutal death saying ” catch ya later , when you get up to heaven”.  But,  Our Lord is crazy about us. It’s as simple as that.  We are who He says we are.  We are His children and He planted in each of us before we were even born a plan for our lives.  Satan the liar and deceiver lives in fear that we will find out ‘whose we are”.   There is nothing I can do to be any more righteous than I am right now. It was finished on the Cross. This IS my reality. Lord, I pray that You anoint these words and that they are balm to Your children.

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