There’s power in the Blood of Jesus

The precious blood of Jesus has freed us from the stain of sin and restores us continually back to the Father. We all fail daily in our walk with Jesus and we can feel separated from His love and grace. The enemy is always ready to accuse us of being phonies and failures.

For most of my life I listened to his lies and would spiritually shut down when I screwed up.

But shame and guilt was nailed on the cross once and for all. Throw it off and shut the enemy down. We are free from guilt and shame because we are covered with the Blood of Jesus. Thank God!

When we miss the mark He’s still there….covering us with His blood so that when God looks at us He only sees His precious Son. He doesn’t see our sins.

God already knew all of our failures before we were even created. That was the purpose of His death on the Cross.

He takes our messes and failures, cleans us up with the cleansing Blood and puts His robe of righteousness and His crown of glory on us. It’s not at all about us but about Him. There’s nothing I can do to earn this. It’s a gift.

But when we listen to the eternal liar we pull back spiritually. We can’t be used for His Kingdom when we doubt who we are in Christ when we get off the path He has put us on to impact lives. Jesus doesn’t see a loser when He looks at us. He sees mighty warriors ready to lead others to freedom through the Blood of the Lamb.

There’s a dying world out there and for such a time as this we were created.

How can we not be hopelessly in love with Jesus? Who can love us with such abandonment to be willing to endure pain and death for the purpose of restoring our relationship? Nobody but Jesus~

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