their silent cry~human trafficking

There is a silent cry coming from our sisters……the forgotten daughters of the King being held captive in human trafficking. What are we doing to answer the cry?

One of the enemy’s greatest feats is the destruction of women and children through human trafficking and we can no longer sit back covering our eyes and ears to the wail of suffering, horror and pain. Strip clubs, those trapped in prostitution and abduction victims all share in this horror.

It is happening not only over seas but here in the United States, in our own state and most likely in your own hometown. We can’t hear their cries but the Holy Spirit does and now is the time for all of us, especially those who call themselves Christians to raise up His army and take on the enemy.

We can’t choose to ignore this horror any longer. Educate yourself on the growing cancer invading our cities, schools and communities. It’s there whether you actually see it or not. It’s the fast growing form of organized crime in the United States.

Over the weekend I attended a eight hour volunteer training for RAHAB MINISTRIES, an outreach ministry working with victims of human trafficking in Akron Ohio. These beautiful Christian men and women answered the call to go to battle locally for women and children trapped in this nightmare. Sitting there listening to their passion and love for these victims I couldn’t help but be inspired to join their fight. Rahab travels to Arkron strip clubs, walks the streets and visits the prison to offer hope and love those caught in human trafficking. Gifts, meals, clothing and most of all prayer is freely given to those in need.

The battle is foremost a spiritual battle between good and evil. Satan’s desire to kill, steal and destroy women and children is the enemy’s driving force in this battle. I was struck with this reality~GREATER IS HE THAT IS IN ME THAN HE THAT IS IN THE WORLD. So, who’s ready for battle? We can’t sit back and allow the enemy to destroy our most vulnerable. We must stand in the gap for them…..donating our time, resources and most of all our prayers.

Who is telling them that they ARE more than what they’ve been told? Do they know that HE loves them and gave up His life for them? That they are crowned with dignity and worth, robed with His rightousness?

He has heard their cries and gathered their tears and He is asking us to go rescue his daughters from the evil one! As we walk around living our lives, these trapped women and children are crying out for someone to see them, hear them and rescue them~

Prayer is the number one weapon against human trafficking and if you have no way to volunteer locally you can pray.

2 Corinthians 10:4-6 New International Version (NIV)

The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds.

There are many trustworthy organizations leading this battle. A21 is a phenomenal organization that can be contacted for further information.

Reach out to your local outreach ministry or contact A21 if you hear their silent cry and want to go out and battle the enemy with His love and prayers.

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