turning failures inside out~Building Faith


We tell our children, when they fall, to pick themselves up everything’s going to be all right.  But when we mess things up or just plain fail as Christians, we are much less encouraging to ourselves. We can lose hope in God and in ourselves. But there is hope because God can turn any failure inside out when we lay it at the feet of Jesus.

When we’ve made a mistake the enemy enjoys reminding us of how we often we fail.  He’ll try to extinguish all hope that we can be forgiven.  Any cracks in our armour wil be exploited in order to find a stronghold.  But since we know the truth, that Jesus already paid the price for our failures, and will make a way out, we don’t have to listen to his lies. it is up to us.  Through our relationship with Jesus, these failures or sins have already been forgiven and He has forgotten them as far as the east is from the west. 

There’s a deadly spiritual trap put in our path by the enemy called hopelessness.  He tries to convince us that we are failures and there’s no turning back.  Not what the Word says.

We are all going to fail and we all make mistakes.  Otherwise, Christ died on the cross for nothing. We always have hope for redemption.  The Holy Spirit made that plain to the apostle Paul in Romans and it’s a promise we can take to the bank.

 And I am convinced that nothing can ever separate us from God’s love. Neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither our fears for today nor our worries about tomorrow—not even the powers of hell can separate us from God’s love. (NLT) This can be found in Romans 8:38.

We have all the tools from the Holy Spirit we need to fight the enemy and avoid his deadly trap.  Because once we have no hope in redemption or in God’s restorative power we spiritually shut down.  We then can find ourselves moving away from the Lord with feelings of shame and guilt. But he doesn’t move away from us; he is right there waiting for us to turn to him. 

Speak what God says about us,  shut down the liar and don’t listen to our own negative, self-defeating thoughts. Speak over ourselves the truth about who and Whose we are.  All things work together for our good when we are His children.  We can’t give the enemy one moment of our time by listening to his lies.  If this happens, we can lose hope and then we become defeated.

In the Old Testament, King David is a good example of sin, hopelessness and restoration.  King David commited adultery, pre-meditated murder and suffered the consequences.  His newborn son died and he felt the separation between himself and God.   In verse one Psalm 51, King David  asks God to have compassion on him, forgiving him for his sins.   Later in verse 12, David asks the Lord to restore the joy of his salvation.  He had hope that his relationship with God would be restored. King David then promised to share his restoration story with others caught in the traps of sin. He later wrote some of the most beautiful psalms of love, worship and thanksgiving in the Bible.  Failure turned inside out.  Joy restored. Hope renewed. Forgiven, not forsaken.

Our failures can form the basis for tremendous spiritual growth as we build on lessons learned.  We learn to wait on Him, dig deeper in the Word,  and strengthen our faith.  Children learn by failing and getting back up.  If parents don’t allow them to fail occasionally, they are robbed of valuable life lessons.  Through thankful submission, the Father uses some of our missteps to develop stronger spiritual muscles.

Failure can be turned from loss and pain into faith and hope when we give it to the only One who can create life out of chaos and beauty out of ashes. Jesus Christ.





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